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Acta Albaruthenica N°16/2016

Journal N°16/2016 [pdf;2,5mB]




  • 11 Iryna Aheyeva, Aesthetics of Magical Realism and Prose of Ihar Babkou
  • 25 Vanda Barouka, Metafictive Code in Novels of Andrei Fedarenka
  • 39 Iryna Burdeljova, Transformation of the Manor Topos in Belarusian Literature of the 18th and 19th Centuries
  • 47 Iryna Chasnok, Peculiarities of Narration in TREASURE OF LIFE by Maxim Garetsky
  • 57 Mikałaj Chaustowicz, Belarusian Anonymous Literature of the 19th Century: Problems of Source and Authorship
  • 73 Nadzeya Chukichova, Plot-“Action” and Plot-“Event” in Belarusian Literature of the 19th Century (THE AENEID ON THE WRONG SIDE and TARAS ON PARNASSUS)
  • 95 Katarzyna Drozd, RUSSIAN by Maxim Harecki: a Few Remarks about the Language and Structure of the Story
  • 105 Karolina Gendek, The Great City of Bialystok: Urban Prose of Sokrat Janowicz
  • 119 Hanna Khrapunovich, Gothic Tradition in the Novel DEATH DANCE by Ludmily Rublevskaya


  • 129 Veranika Bandarovich, Formation of the Belarusian Musical Terminology
  • 143 Nina Barszcyewska, Language Behavior of Inhabitants of Podlasie in Bilingual Environment: Sociolinguistic Perspective
  • 169 Maryla Chaustowicz, PRAMOVA MIALIESHKI (SPEECH OF MELESHKO) and LIST DA ABUKHOVICHA (LETTER TO ABUCHOWICH): Problems of Translation into Modern Belarusian Language
  • 179 Katerina Kedron, Gender in Phraseology: Creating Vocabulary as a Method of Research
  • 191 Ihar Klimau, Preface to the Nyasvizhian Catechism of 1562 in the Light of Lexical Statistics of the Work
  • 203 Angelika Peljak-Łapińska, Belarusian N-korpus: Towards a Belarusian National Corpus


  • 213 Tsimafei Avilin, Ethnoastronomical Aspect of Traditional Belarusian Fitonimicon: Problem Overview
  • 219 Liudmila KHMIALNITSKAYA, Middle School of the Basilian Fathers in Vitebsk (1822–1832)
  • 235 Dzmitry Kryvashei, Influence of Political Processes in Belarus on Literature in 1991–2010
  • 261 Irena Matus, Discussion on the Dissolution of the Church Union in Bialystok District
  • 273 Alena Padalinskaya, Problem of Identification of Antique Philosophy Ideas in Narrative Sources of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
  • 287 Uladzislau Reut, Historiography of the Landlord Village in Belarus Inventory Reform (1844–1857): Changes in Scientific Paradigm



  • 307 Viachaslau Martysiuk, Two Eighteenth-Century Satire Poems
  • 311 Lavon Barshcheuski, Jazep Janushkievich, Unknown Texts of the 19th Century Belarusian Literature: Characteristics of Genre, Pecularities of Language and Authorship Problems
  • 323 Mikałaj СHAUSTOWICZ, Editions and Copies of SERMON
  • 330 Viachaslau Martysiuk, Unpublished Poem in Belarusian from the First Half of the 19th Century from the Name Day Collection of Jan Czeczot
  • 335 Mikałaj СHAUSTOWICZ, Unknown Poem of Jan Czeczot?
  • 339 Tomasz Nastulczyk, CHUTIOR STARAHO DIEDIA: Russian Adaptation of HUTORKI STAROGO DZIEDA from the Museum of Earl Mouravieff
  • 349 About Authors