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Acta Albaruthenica N° 17/2017

Journal N°17/2017 [pdf;2,7mB]




  • 11 Nel Bielniak, Polesie Impressions in Polish and Russian Literature
  • 23 Mikałaj Chaustowicz, Alexander Yelski and the Belarusian Revival in the Second Half of the 19th Century
  • 39 Nadzeya Chukichova, Fabulousness without a Fairy Tale in Jan Barshevsky’s SHLYAHTITS ZAVALNYA
  • 51 Aksana Danilchyk, Women’s Poetry in Western Belarus
  • 63 Yana Hurskaya, National and Cultural Perspective in the Picture of Historical Events with the Example of the Novel PRINCESS OSTROG by Solovyov and the Narrative BLACK PRINCESS by Ipatova
  • 71 Evgeniya Labokha, Polish Fiction in the modern Belarusian literary process
  • 85 Aliaksandr Lebedzeu, Genre and Stylistic Features the Belarusian Children’s Story of the Years 1930–1956
  • 99 Klaudia Łachacz, Analysis of Selected Letters of Franciszka Urszula Radziwiłłowa née Wiśniowiecka to her Husband Michał Kazimierz Radziwiłł “Rybeńko” in the Geopoetical Context
  • 109 Hanna Navaseltsava, Context of Contemporary Belarusian Experimental Novel
  • 119 Jury Paciupa, Phenomenon of Belarusian 11-Syllable Rhyme: Theoretical, Comparative-Historical and Propaedeutic Analysis


  • 161 Tsimafei Avilin, About the History of the ‘volynka’ Lexeme Etymology
  • 179 Maryia Anufryieva, Influence of Belarusian on the Polish Language of Poles in the Hrodna Region: Generation of the 1920s and the 1940s (with Examples of Recordings and Interviews from Hrodna, Lida and Vawkavysk)
  • 191 Anna Lewandowska, Belarusian Minority and Language Policy
  • 205 Natela Martyssiuk, Modern Discourse of Belarusian National Identity Formation: Manipulative Strategy Implications Analysis
  • 217 Larysa Sadova, Modern Surnames of the South of the Volyn Region Motivated by the Dialectisms of Ukrainian and Belarusian Polissya
  • 223 Natallia Sivitskaya, Impact of Gender Stereotypes and Mythological Ideas on the Formation of Personal Names in Belarusian Folk Dialects


  • 233 Alena Khudnitskaya, Role of Virtual Museums in the Preservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage
  • 245 Dzmitry Kryvashei, Social and Political Activity of Cultural and Art Workers of Belarus in 1991–2010
  • 277 Uladzimir Kulikovich, Kseniya Tarasevich, Title Page of Modern Authors’ Books: National and Foreign Experience
  • 287 Dzmitry Kuzmenka, Volha Siamashka, Practice and Problems of Memorialization on the Lands of the Uprising of 1863–1864 (Mostowlany and Jalowka)
  • 297 Victor Misiyuk, Activities of Ukrainian Socialist Parties in the Polesie Voivodeship
  • 311 Аndrej Shulaeu, Vexillologic Heritage of Rech Pospolitaja from the Period between the 16th and 18th Centuries in Russian Trophy Collections



  • 329 Katarzyna Drozd, Volha Tratsiak, Review of the 19th competition of scientific works of elementary and secondary school students of the Minsk region
  • 331 Viachaslau Martysiuk, Hutarka Pauliuka and Viasielle Bautruka: Source Text, Questions of Authorship
  • 373 Paviel Stciacko, My International Encounters with Renowned Linguists
  • 379 About Authors