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Acta Albaruthenica N° 15/2015

Journal N°15/2015 [pdf;2,76mB]




  • 11 Lada ALEINIK, Socialization of an Individual in the Autobiographical Trilogies Childhood. Boyhood. Youth by Leo Tolstoy and Childhood. Teen. Youth by Ivan Naumenko
  • 23 Natallia BAKHANOVICH, Polish-Belarusian Prose in the 19th Century and the Problem of Authorship
  • 39 Nadzeya CHUKICHOVA, Conversion of Fairy Tale Archetypes in a Plot or Morphology of an Adventure
  • 57 Liubou HLAZMAN, The Problem of National Self-Determination in Maksim Goretsky’s and Leonid Andreyev’s Short Stories about Military and Revolutionary Events of the Early 20th Century
  • 69 Liudmila KHMIALNITSKAYA, Unknown Facts from the Biography of Alexander Rypinski
  • 85 Liudmila SADKO, Graphic Imagery in the Poetry of Belarussian Authors at the Beginning of the 21st Century and Works of German-Speaking Concretists
  • 99 Volha SIANKOVA, The Influence of the Anti-Theatre on Belarusian and English Drama
  • 109 Sofiya TYCHYNA, An Image of a Stranger in the Works of Maksim Haretski
  • 121 Małgorzata WOJCIECHOWSKA-ZAJĄC, Existentialism in Andrey Fiedarenka’s Books


  • 135 Ihar KLIMAU, Synonymization as a Stylistic Device in Prefaces and After- words of Francis Skaryna
  • 149 Anzhalika LITVINOVICH, Causative Verbs of Defence in the Belarusian Language
  • 159 Natela MARTYSSIUK, Conventionality as a Semantic Factor of Speech Efficiency
  • 171 Siarhei SURYNOVICH, Practical Belarusian Transcription of Proper Na- mes and Place Names from the Greek Language


183 Aliaksandr SAVICH, Arseny Konchevsky: His Life and Political Career
193 Alіaksandr SMALІANCHUK, “Krajovaść Іdea” and the Belarusіan Natіonal Revіval іn the Early 20th Century
211 Katarzyna WASZCZYŃSKA, A Picture of Belarus in the French Media as Presented by “Le Monde diplomatique”



  • 233 85th anniversary of Aleksander Barszczewski
    (Mikałaj CHAUSTOWICZ)
  • 236 85th anniversary of Pavel Sciacko
    (Hanna KROFTA)


  • 243 Mikałaj СHAUSTOWICZ, Text and Context


  • 255 Ігар Запрудскі, Метафізіка беларускай літаратурнай крытыкі:
    артыкулы, нататкі, рэцэнзіі, водгукі
    (Iryna AHEYEVA)
  • 258 Пётр Жаўняровіч, Стылістыка дзелавога маўлення і рэдагаванне
    службовых дакументаў. Вучэбны дапаможнік
    (Agnieszka GORAL)
  • 265 Виктор Саяпин, HronoГродно. История Гродно на страницах
    газет. 1913–1941 годы
    (Alіaksandr HORNY)
  • 268 Таццяна Рамза, Беларускае гутарковае маўленне ў славянскім
    (Mirosław JANKOWIAK)
  • 274 Bogumił Ostrowski, Białoruskie gwary Grodzieńszczyzny. Wybrane
    (Mirosław JANKOWIAK)
  • 281 About Authors