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Acta Albaruthenica N°18/2018

Okładka nr 18/2018

Journal N°18/2018 [pdf;2,76mB]




  • 15 Vanda Barouka, Metaliterary Perspectives in Belarusian Prose of the 20th Century
  • 25 Mikałaj Chaustowicz, Textological Problems of Vincent Karatynski’s Poems Written in the Belarusian Language
  • 47 Tatsiana Aliashkevich, The Creativity of Jan Chicvin in the Artistic Consciousness of Ales Riazanov (Essay BEZNAZOUNY VERSH YANA CHYCVINA)
  • 59 Anna Alsztyniuk, The Picture of a City Dweller in Short Stories of Andrei Fiedarenko and Michas Androsiuk
  • 71 Natalla Apanasovich, West-Belarusian Reality in the Novel Series by Adamchyk
  • 87 Iryna Burdeljova, The Novel PAN PODSTOLIC by Edward Tomasz Massalski among European Literary Utopias
  • 101 Nadzeya Chukichova, The Intrigue of the Action and Intrigue of the Word: TRALYALONACHKA as the Authorial Experiment
  • 117 Hanna Hladkova, Тhe Problem of National Identity in the Story THE SECOND GOD’S COMMANDMENT by Milkovsky
  • 127 Ivana Slivková, Polish Elements in A MINUTE by Ihar Babkov
  • 135 Olga Kruglova, The Essay FROM THE BLOODY DAYS by Yan Niesluhovski (Yanka Luchina): Artistic Particularities and Problems
  • 149 Svaitlana Tarasava, The Nature of Poems in the Works of Belarusian Writers of the Late 20th and Early 21st Centuries (with Examples of Belarusian and Polish Authors)


  • 159 Nina Barszczewska, The Language of the Bilingual Population in the Podlasie Region
  • 175 Natallia Paulouskaya, The Integrated Approach to the Study of Etiquette Formulas in Heterogeneous Languages
  • 183 Alina Filinowicz, Suffixes -ewicz, -owicz in Surnames and Toponyms of the Region of Białystok as well as Their Syncope in Dialect Forms
  • 193 Agnieszka Goral, Personal nomina masculina with Word-Formation Suffixes -ant (-ent) in Belarusian
  • 201 Mirosław Jankowiak, The Contemporary Belarusian Sub-Dialects in Southern Lithuania (Varėna District)
  • 213 Sviatlana Liasovich, The Image of Polish in Belarusian Culture (Following the Results of an Associative Experiment)
  • 225 Maria Katarzyna Prenner, “Naša Niva” on the crossroads of cultures: evidence from various levels of language based on the newspaper
  • 245 Alena Sadouskaya, Maryia Yakaltsevich, Belarusian-Polish Interrelations in Paremiology and Phraseology
  • 253 Hanna Zhurauliova, The Use of the Latin Alphabet in the Modern Belarusian Language
  • 261 Maria Anufryieva, Is There a Polish Language in the Hrodna Region (Belarus)? An Outline of Key Issues
  • 271 Maryla Chaustowicz, HOMILY OF GRECHYS: The Old Belarusian Language in the 17th Century Jesuit Satire
  • 281 Magdalena Grupa, A Few Remarks about Parallel Polish-Belarusian Phraseolo-gical Units in the Old Believers’ Russian Dialect in Poland
  • 289 Anna Siwirska, Functional Styles in Contemporary Belarusian


  • 301 Jerzy Grzybowski, Belarusian Orthodox Life in the General Government (1940–1944)
  • 317 Volha Sharaya, The Calendar Rituals of Ancestor Veneration in the Traditional Culture of Belarusians: Research Problems and Perspectives
  • 333 Viachaslau Shved, Grodno memorable places connected with life and activity of Eliza Ozheshko
  • 345 Hanna Kominch, Solo Concerts-Motets from the VILNIUS TABLATURE (1626–1627) in the Context of the Church Service of the Baroque Era
  • 355 Iryna Pivavarchyk, The Religious Culture of Ethno-Confessional Electronic Communication
  • 369 Tatsiana Trafimchuk, The Artistic Reception and Creative Reflection of the Middle Ages in the Music of the Belarusian and Polish Composers of the Second Half of the
  • 20th Century and the Beginning of the 21st Century
  • 381 Natallia Valantsevich, The Change of Cultural Paradigm Through the Prism of Theatrical Art in the Belarusian Provinces in the 1830s-1860s
  • 395 Andrei Zinkevich, Belarusian and Polish Languages During the Occupation



  • 413 Tatsiana Kazak, From Past to Future: Significance of the Activity of Józef Jodkowski, the Researcher of Hrodna, in Modern Belarusian and Polish Science
  • 421 Volha Palunchanka, ”Białoruskie Zeszyty Historyczne” of 1994–2016: A Scientific Forum for Polish and Belarusian Researchers


  • 431 Беларуска-польскія моўныя, літаратурныя, гістарычныя і куль-
    турныя сувязі: Зборнік артыкулаў
    (Agnieszka Goral)


  • 437 International Scientific Conference Polish-Belarusian literary, historical,
    cultural and linguistic ties
    (Volha Tratsiak)
  • 441 Science Conference Eastern Europe in the scientific discourse
    (Jadwiga Gracla, Katarzyna Drozd)
  • 445 V Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference Belarus – texts and contexts
    (Jan Wieczorek)


  • 449 Doctor Teresa Chylak-Schroeder (25.01.1955–9.09.2017
  • 451 Professor Ihar Zhuk (13.06.1957–30.06.2017)
  • 455 About Authors